Finally it's Friday. It's been one long week and things have been a little hectic. Maybe it's because it's the full moon. Who knows. But I am glad it's over. I am ready for this weekend. Small nerd has a sleepover with her best friend so that leaves me to clean the house without having to stop and watch a new TikTok dance or get a snack for the 16151522th time. I can also create a few more keychains for my shop since I finally got some bows. They aren't the correct bows but they will do.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus | February

in , , , by Natalie, 2/24/2021
After cancelling my Ipsy bag in December because I wasn't too thrilled about it (this was before you could choose your products) I kept coming across my feed about how you can choose now. So I signed back up in mid-January. And when February 2nd came, that's when they released the choice party.

First, they still choose 2 products for you. And then you choose 3 and after that you shop your add-ons. Their prices range from $3, $6, $10... and so on. But you have to act fast on the add-ons because they sell out quick. I mean how can they not sell out fast? You are getting high end beauty products at HALF the cost! It's like Christmas morning on choice day. Oh, and choice day is on the 2nd of every month thru the 3rd. You have only those two days to pick or they pick for you. So mark your calendars!

Cake Mix Donuts

in , , by Natalie, 2/22/2021
I have been dying to try this recipe. I am a sucker for a donut. Every weekend I always get donuts from Dunkin' but this time I wanted to try making them myself. And let me just say.. they were to DIE for! I could not stop eating them! And to make the recipe even better??? It's dairy free (because most cake mixes are dairy free) and the sprinkles are vegan! Only thing preventing these babies from being 100% vegan is the one egg I used.

Skater Girl Style

in , , by Natalie, 2/21/2021
Good morning and happy Sunday! I am going to try something new for my blog. Since it is named Big Small Nerd and it's a just a mash up of my daughter and I (I talk about it here) and now I have her consent to post about her because she's old enough. But I love talking about fashion. And beauty of course. But FASHION! And let me just say... my small nerd is a fashion NERD! Girl has better style than I do and she's so cute and petite. Hence the name "small nerd". Well, to be Frank... she's a kid and kids are small. Soooo.

For the past 3-4 years I have been using bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation in the shade of Natural 11. But lately I have noticed my skin has been adapting to it and not working like it used to. Which really bums me out because I have very sensitive skin and it was working well. Until now. Plus I am too lazy to search for the correct color and I just stuck with what I was used to.

Gotta Have It... Cheetah Serape

in , by Natalie, 2/17/2021
I was browsing Etsy and Amazon on lunch today for some neoprene drink holders for my cups. I was looking for a Starbucks one for when I got me pink/lavender drinks because you can't mix Dunkin' with Starbucks right? And I have about 3 Dunkin' neoprene sleeves. I wasn't having any luck but I did come across one in particular that I seriously have to have. I mean... I need it. Want it.